Custom Anti-Bullying Forms And Records Allow Districts To :
Access and edit incident reports quickly and on the go from a computer or mobile device
Online or with a mobile app
Reduce investigation lengths
Utilize step-by-step forms
Save time and resources
Assist schools to comply with the New Jersey Anti-Bullying Bill Of Rights
Safe School Technologies streamlines the bullying incident investigation process, and helps ensure that you are following the proper steps.
report submitted can be quickly assigned to a staff member to investigate. Reports are marked as "open" and closed" with the date and investigation must be completed by, and can be quickly sorted to determine priorities.
Intuitively designed Investigation Forms allow users to go step-by-step in the investigation process, and remind them of missing information that might be important to the report.
It allows for notes to be left for multiples users, for quicker information sharing.
The report forms record when follow up with parents occurred and any disciplinary actions taken.